Mechanical and electromechanical subassemblies

Our expertise in the production of components and our assembly infrastructures allow us to make complete subassemblies for a controlled cost, within a short lead time.

This solution will enable you to have electromechanical devices that are ready to be inserted in the finished assemblies for which they are intended, at the best possible cost.

Subassemblies including electrical contacts

Esaris Industries designs and makes electromechanical subassemblies for:

  • switchgear,
  • electrical equipment for railways, aeronautics and other industries

Our services: assembly and wiring

  • Advice – suggestions for improving your assemblies and parts
  • Full management of procurement (components produced by your suppliers and/or manufactured by us)
  • Assembly (automated or manual) and wiring
  • Adjustment and control of components in accordance with standard ISO 9001

Our production organisations use the best practices of lean management.

Mechanical and mechanically welded subassemblies

Our services

  • Advice for optimising the quality-to-price ratio of your parts
  • Making of tools and production of parts
  • Automated assembly (clinching, heading and riveting machines) or manual assembly (dedicated assembly stations)
  • Quality control of your products in accordance with standard ISO 9001

Our strengths

  • Management of parts and suppliers
  • Knowledge of your trades and requirements
  • Very high quality assembly, inspection and adjustment
  • Expertise in redesigning to cost
  • Guaranteed schedule


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