Facts & figures

ESARIS INDUSTRIES is a family group that brings together the specialities of nine complementary sites for an increasingly integrated offer. In 2022, 525 people generated sales of €60m.

Who we are

ESARIS INDUSTRIES is a family group led by Bruno Russo. Its headquarters are located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, near Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin).

The group designs and manufactures, mainly in France, connectors, electrical contacts, harnesses and sub-assemblies and electromechanical products. 

We have been involved in various applications fields: Protection, production and distribution of electricity, mainly in the aerospace, defense, rail and electrical distribution sectors.

ESARIS INDUSTRIES brings together the specialities of nine complementary sites, located in France, Tunisia, Turkey and the USA.

The combination of know-how and decades of experience contribute to the provision of an increasingly integrated offer.

ESARIS INDUSTRIES develops a growth strategy based on an organic development of its existing scope and an external growth policy.




From family owned company Fels …

In 1948, Eugène FELS founded the company FELS in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, south of Strasbourg. The activity revolves around electrical contactors. In 2008, FELS alone achieved a turnover of €9 million.

Representing the 3rd generation, Bruno RUSSO took over the family business in 2007 and made it grow. With two company acquisitions in 2007 and 2013, FELS is taking on a new dimension to keep up with the evolution of its clients, giants of electricity, aeronautics and railway.

… to the ESARIS INDUSTRIES group

In 2016, the FELS, SAUMAC and THIVEND Industrie group was renamed ESARIS INDUSTRIES.

With two new acquisitions of companies in 2018 and 2022 and a 50% stake in an American company, the group now has 525 employees and a turnover of €60 million.

Its increasingly integrated product offering is complemented by services covering the entire product life cycle, from development to on-site assembly and cabling to recycling.

A few numbers

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Corporate strategy

We operate through external growth and the organic growth of acquired companies to build an ETI capable of serving the needs for components, connectors/wiring and sub-assemblies in the electrical environment of our market segments.



Our commitments

Fully concerned with corporate social responsibility, we have anticipated the expectations of our clients and governmental actors.

At ESARIS INDUSTRIES, we are committed to sustainable development. We are committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen.

We make every effort to act sustainably with our partners while respecting people and cultures, and to remain pragmatic by adopting realistic solutions.

Executive Committee



Pascal WEBER

Industrial Operations Director

Emmanuel MARRY

Commercial Director

Anne-Sophie SELLIEZ

Development Director

Sébastien MULLER

Financial Director


Human Resources Director

"Ambition with a commitment to excellence and people"

The group draws its force from the family background of the companies that make it up. We cultivate operational excellence by leveraging human development.

Our ambition? To become a medium-sized enterprise on our international markets!