An excellent mastery of technologies makes it possible to make the best use of a large number of machines for very complementary services.

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ESARIS INDUSTRIES has all the technologies of moulding, injection of thermo-hard and thermoplastics, overmoulding, compression.

These technologies meet the expectations of insulation, sealing, stiffness and flexibility of wiring.



Mechanical manufacturing

The know-how and equipment of the companies of the group make it possible to produce parts ranging from 0.3mm³ to 10,000cm³.

Turning, milling and turning make up our CNC machining equipment.


Welding / Brazing

The experience of the ESARIS INDUSTRIES group in copper brazing is based on several years of practice and on a dynamic of continuous improvement.

The variety of heating means available makes it possible to select the one that best corresponds to the technical requirements of the brazed product.

Welding remains the heart of our business and our expertise combines the most varied technologies to serve the electrical and structural functions of our customers.


Metal processing

Laser cutting centers, robotic press brakes and punching machines enable the ESARIS INDUSTRIES group to produce parts in small and medium series.

Precision cutting is an essential asset in serving our customers.





Equipped with high-capacity presses, the ESARIS INDUSTRIES group has mastered the design of the tools and the cutting to follow in order to make custom stamping.

We use deep drawing to create elements of complex geometry.



Manual assembly

The infrastructures of the ESARIS INDUSTRIES group allow to realize assemblies of simple components and complete subsets at controlled cost and in short time.

The reliability and rigour of our actions are recognized quality guarantees in our markets.



Wiring - Wired assembly

Wiring is a key activity of the group: we carry out wiring of complex systems and produce beams combining all electrical technologies.

Our teams integrate the design, re-engineering, manufacturing and repair as well as, from now on, the recycling of these harnesses, to offer a second life to your connectors.




On our sites referenced EN9100, a dimensional check is performed 100% or by sampling on the manufactured parts.

The inspection is carried out at all stages of the manufacturing process using appropriate means (three-dimensional, electrical tests, waterproofing, etc.).