With twenty years’ experience supporting industries that use electrical contacts, Saumac is specialised in the supply and assembly of contacts, including the sourcing of precious metals. A number of areas of competency have been developed:

Study of parts to make, design and making of tools, advice in the choice of materials, contact architecture, precious metal procurement, all metal working and assembly stages, qualification tests, control of material composition, assembly of subassemblies.

The components and subassemblies made by Saumac are integrated into a variety of applications:

  • Railways (embedded equipment, track equipment)
  • Aeronautics (embedded electrical equipment)
  • Electrical engineering (switchgear, protection and distribution of electricity)
  • Medical equipment
Pointer Courtomer (France, near Paris) Facility 9000 m² 40 employees

« Responsiveness to customers »

Our many processes enable us to provide a quick response to a wide variety of needs. We adapt our organisation to the needs of customers in a partnership-based approach.

Sébastien SCHRIFVE

Site Manager

Products and services

Contacts and components

Saumac designs and manufactures:

  • a complete series of contact pieces of all types: low, medium and high voltage;
  • large diversity of connecting or electrical bonding parts.
Machine base:


  • Machining, milling, turning: three to five-axis machining centres, robotic equipment

Component assembly

  • Hot assembly: HF brazing, continuous controlled-atmosphere furnace, vacuum melting furnace, electric welding, braze welding
  • Cold assembly: hammering press for wire work
Electromechanical subassemblies

Our infrastructure allows us to make complete subassemblies for a controlled cost, within a short lead time.

Our strengths:

  • Management of parts and suppliers;
  • Knowledge of the constraints of your trade;
  • Excellence in assembly, inspection and adjustment;
  • Expertise in redesigning to cost;
  • Guaranteed delivery schedules.

Equipment for the assembly of subassemblies:

  • Ergonomic assembly stations
Supply of electrical contact metals


With the help of its network of international experts, Saumac Distribution will help you choose and make alloys that are perfectly suited to your applications and guarantee top-quality supply on the best terms negotiated in global markets.

Those alloys can be supplied in the form of semi-finished products (wires, strips, sections etc.) or parts (rivets, slugs, plates etc.).