With over six decades of experience supporting industries that use electrical contacts, Fels has acquired genuine expertise in the industrial constraints relating to the relevant applications. A number of areas of competency have been developed:
Study of the parts to be made, design and making of tools, advice in the choice of materials, contact architecture, all metal working and assembly stages, qualification tests, control of material composition, assembly of subassemblies.

The components and subassemblies made by Fels are integrated into a variety of applications:

  • Railways (embedded equipment, track equipment)
  • Aeronautics (embedded electrical equipment)
  • Electrical engineering (switchgear and protection equipment, electricity production and distribution)
  • Mobilis Elite® and Mobilis Movit® rails are intended for travelling cranes and lifting equipment.
Pointer Strasbourg, France Facility 4000 m² 70 employees

« People are at the heart of our excellence »

In our trades, which do not lend themselves easily to automation, everything hinges on skills. Our staff undergo regular training and will go the extra mile for you!


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Products and services

Contacts and components

Fels designs and manufactures:

  • a complete series of contact parts of all types: low, medium and high voltage;
  • large diversity of connecting or electrical bonding parts.
Machine base:


  • Machining and milling: 3 and 4-axis machining centres for machining all parts within a 500 x 500 x 500mm volume
  • Die-cutting and bending: mechanical presses

Component assembly

  • Hot assembly: high-frequency brazing, gas brazing
  • Cold assembly: riveting, crimping
Electromechanical subassemblies

Our infrastructure allows us to make complete subassemblies for a controlled cost, within a short lead time.

Our strengths:

  • Management of parts and suppliers;
  • Knowledge of the constraints of your trade;
  • Excellence in assembly, inspection and adjustment;
  • Expertise in redesigning to cost;
  • Guaranteed delivery schedules.

Equipment for the assembly of subassemblies:

  • Ergonomic assembly stations
Power supply rails

The Mobilis® range developed by Fels is a patented mobile electrification system that covers needs ranging from 12A to 630A, designed for travelling cranes, lifting equipment and all sorts of special applications.

French leader in the travelling crane manufacturing industry for over 20 years, the range is exported ton 40 countries, directly or through a distributor network.

2 rue J.M. Jacquard
67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden