Merge between ATI Electronique (1951) and Interconnexions (1970), ATI-INTERCO is your partner from the early stage of your designs, providing efficient, reliable and innovative interconnection solutions in the harshest environments.

ATI-INTERCO designs, develops and manufactures:

  • interface and PCB connector ranges,
  • connectors and interconnect systems for specific applications,
  • standard or custom backshells for circular and rectangular connectors,
  • derivation boxes and a large variety of cabling components,
  • sub-assemblies and systems for complete functions.

Solutions we offer include:

  • electrical signal (LF, power, RF) transmission
  • optical signal transmission,
  • electro-magnetic protection, shielding, electrical continuity,
  • signal filtering,
  • mechanical strain relief,
  • sealing or hermeticity,
  • resistance to harsh environments.

The integrated 3500 m² factory hosts the teams in their entirety: R & D, commerce, quality, logistics, mechanical/assembly workshops and test laboratory