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ESARIS - 4 plants, one only name.

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NEW! MOBILIS INNO® electrical supply rail 40A & 60A - New Connection

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Certification / Normalisation ESARIS INDUSTRIES

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Mechanical and electromechanical subassemblies

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Designing and manufacturing of electrical contacts

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Rails d'alimentation électrique MOBILIS® pour les ponts roulants et le levage

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Mastery of the technologies and an exceptional machine base

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Esaris Industries is the specialist for power supply rails from 12 to 630A.

Designed to electrify travelling cranes, lifting equipment and all sorts of special applications, the MOBILIS® system has been the market leader in France for over 20 years and is exported to 40 countries.


MOBILIS INNO® is the new electrical supply rail, 4 poles, 40A and 60A, with ergonomic design especially for narrow spaces.


With multiple-conductor rails from 12 to 200A, MOBILIS ELITE® helps make manufacturers more competitive when it comes to assembly, maintenance and use.


MOBILIS MOVIT® is an electrification line using 315A, 450A and 630A single-conductor rails, and offering high conductivity with a compact design for its rating.

Group companies

ESARIS Industries réunit les spécialités de quatre entités complémentaires :

Electrical contacts
MOBILIS mobile supply tracks

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Electrical contacts
Mechanical Engineering
Precious Metal

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Cutting - Drawing
Fine metal work

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