Extending the life of equipment is often simpler and less expensive than buying new equipment, and it can sometimes be necessary! Please contact us for such services.


Benefits for you

  • You reduce your management costs, as we will be your only contact, for any number of devices, from 10 to 10,000.
  • Retrofitting is fully compliant with your requirements and procedures.
  • And you can devote your energy to generating added value through your own business!


Emergency service

If equipment is out of action and it is an emergency We can rapidly offer a high-quality retrofit:

  • We will collect the equipment from your premises.
  • Each service will be provided by experts.
  • We guarantee full traceability throughout the retrofitting process, from receipt in our workshop through to delivery to you.


Prevention service

We can provide:

  • manufacturing based on a part or drawing supplied, followed by assembly of plastic or metal parts, wiring and contact components required for the retrofit;
  • adjustment and inspection of replaced components;
  • rotating of your stock of equipment, with personalised management of calls for parts.


Our strengths

  • Control of contact components – we manufacture them
  • High quality of renovation
  • Guaranteed compliance thanks to specific equipment (assembly bench, inspection bench etc.)
  • Guaranteed deadlines


Our difference

We make contact components and have all the resources for:

  • Handling large volumes
  • Guaranteeing quality and lead times
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