Electromechanical components

Drawing on a large catalogue of materials, Esaris Industries produces electromechanical components of a number of types, for use in electrical circuits.


Electromechanical components for electrical equipment

Esaris Industries designs and manufactures:

  • contact components for low, medium and high voltages,
  • connecting components,
  • electrical bonding components,
  • components for medical imaging equipment, etc.


Our services

  • Study of parts to be made,, design and making of tools, advice in the choice of materials, contact architecture
  • All phases of metal working (machining, die-cutting and bending) and assembly (hot or cold)
  • Qualification testing, control of material composition

Our production organisations use the best practices of lean management.


Blanks and drawn or bent parts

Thivend designs and produces medium and large runs of multiple engineering parts made in steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, stainless steel and other metals.


Our services

  • Making of tools
  • Die-cutting and drawing (mechanical and hydraulic presses)
  • Fine sheet metal work (laser cutting machines, NC punching machines, bending presses)
  • Machining (machining centres)
  • Making of prototypes or small runs with no investment in tooling



Our strengths

  • A single contact at all stages of the project
  • Expertise in the use of a wide range of contact materials
  • Expertise in the area of electrical contacts
  • An high-performance machine base
  • Three plants in France (Fels, Saumac and Thivend) and one in Turkey (Thivend)
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