Electrical contacts

Electrical contacts are crucial to the quality of electrical equipment, and are a speciality of the Esaris Industries group.

Its expertise extends from designing to manufacturing, and encompasses the procurement of precious metals.


Electrical contacts for switchgear and relays

With over six decades of experience supporting industries that use electrical contacts, the companies in the Esaris Industries group have acquired genuine mastery of the industrial constraints relating to the relevant applications.


Fels, Saumac and Saumac Distribution pool their know-how and provide integrators of electrical contacts with a series of services that go well beyond high-quality manufacturing.



  • Design and manufacturing of electrical contact parts for contactors, circuit breakers, relays, electrical cabinets, industrial power outlets, etc.
  • Possibility of making parts in small, medium and large runs.


A valuable partner

The Esaris Industries group allows integrators of electrical contacts to benefit from all its competencies:


Design and Development

  • Study of the parts to be made
  • Advice in the choice of materials to use
  • Contact architecture


Procurement of contact materials


Manufacturing engineering

  • Design and making of tools
  • All the phases of working and assembly of materials
  • Management of qualification tests
  • Control of material composition
  • Materials analyses

Xilco connectors for pull-out drawers

Fels is the manufacturer of Xilco connectors for MCC applications. The Xilco two-pole connector module provides a clever solution for the issue of auxiliary connections in pull-out drawers used in electrical switchboards.

It provides a contact in test and working positions with no other mechanical device, and is integrated into pull-out drawers for ranges up to 35mm, with no limit on the number of poles.

More information

FELS contact clamp 160-250A

Low-voltage electrical switchgear cabinets with withdrawable units require special attention when connecting the power poles to the busbars using contact clamps.

Units operating clearances due to manufacturing tolerances can be a source of difficulties for the insertion of the units.

Depending on the power processed by each functional unit, it may be necessary to modulate the number of contact clamps in order to optimize the construction costs.

The several possible busbars thicknesses are also construction constraints, linked to the needed current capacity.

Preserving the characteristics of the busbar in the event of a short circuit is also a major concern.

The FELS 160-250A contact clamp solves cleverly these problems.

Download data sheet SPST244

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